Live on the Radio!

Did you happen to listen to BBC Radio Leeds last week? If you did, you might have heard Stir Krazy’s very own Ruth Hargreaves being interviewed by Andrew Edwards.

Ruth spoke to Andrew about our work here at Stir Krazy Kids and how it links to summer holiday childcare – something which many working parents are left struggling with over the six-week break.

Many parents are left juggling childcare and work over the holidays. With a scarcity of council run childcare provision and the rise of care cost (the average cost has risen by 4 per cent since last year), many parents could be left feeling at a loss this summer.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, as one of the great things about one of our full-day workshops is the element of extra value childcare. Filled with activities, games, creativity and, of course, plenty of cooking, your little ones will be kept very busy and will learn a lot in the process.

A day with us is not an ordinary day in the classroom; after all, this is supposed to be a holiday! But we discuss topics which are relevant to each recipe including nutrition, history and culture. We base recipes around themes, too. A few themes in the past have included Jurassic Park (pictured), Wimbledon and Summer Picnic.

With a winning combination of cooking, creativity, learning and fun, it’s no wonder the kids leave us eager to get back in the kitchen at home!

As Andrew explains in the interview, as a child he felt that he was not always welcome in the kitchen - and Stir Krazy Kids is all about making every child feel included. With a welcoming, friendly and creative atmosphere, we get every child cooking recipes from scratch. 

As Ruth mentions in the interview, it’s more than just smiley faces on homemade buns. We like to think we’re a bit more sophisticated than that! It’s not just about throwing ingredients together in a bowl, either. It’s about the kids learning the whole process and taking pride and ownership of what they’ve cooked. Especially when they present their yummy recipes to you at the end of the day!

Ruth had a great time speaking to Andrew and has shared her view of the experience below.

"It was brilliant to share the Stir Krazy message with BBC Radio Leeds. We're a local company for local families and are incredibly passionate about cooking with children. It was interesting to hear the host mention how, as a child, he wasn't always welcome in the kitchen. This is exactly why we're here! With the right guidance and encouragement, the kitchen can be a wonderful place for children to express themselves creatively and learn new skills to boot." Ruth Hargreaves, Storyteller at Stir Krazy Kids.

Did you catch Stir Krazy’s Ruth speaking on BBC Radio Leeds? If not, don’t worry! You can catch up with the show here.

Our standard hours are 9:00am – 3:30pm, which includes the full workshop. However, with our Extended Hours package you can drop off your child at 8:00am and collect them before 5:00pm - a useful option for many working parents.  

Do you have a 5-12 year-old who would love to be involved in one of our cooking workshops? Join us this summer at one of our venues. We’re happy to accommodate special dietary requirements – just let us know in advance.

Love from all the team at Stir Krazy Kids x