A Trio of Sweet Scottish Treats for St Andrew's Day

A happy St Andrew's Day tae ye!

As with most national celebrations, food plays a big part in St Andrew's Day. Celebrated annually in Scotland on 30th November and with a history stretching all the way back to 60AD, it's an opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, getting stuck in to some quality fare. 

You've probably heard of Haggis and Scotch Broth; you may even have heard of Tattie Scones and Cullen Skink. But today we're focusing on the sweet treats with THREE delicious dessert recipes, straight from the heart of Scotland.

1. For the kids

Spiced Winter Fruit with Vanilla Rice Pudding

Sweet, colourful and packed full of fruit, this recipe is delicious winter warmer. It may be healthy, but the addition of cream makes it sufficiently indulgent too.

Stir Krazy Kids St Andrew's Day recipe 1

For the rice pudding

  1. Preheat the oven 150C. Mix milk and sugar in pan over a gentle heat.
  2. Split the vanilla pod and scrape out the seeds. Add them to the milk and sugar and bring to a simmer, then stir in the rice.
  3. Cover with greased baking paper and place into the oven for 50 minutes (make sure it's in an ovenproof dish!). Remove and leave to rest for 10 minutes.
  4. Remove the pod then fold in the whipping cream.

For the spiced fruit

  1. Place a saucepan onto a medium-high heat. Add the sugar to the pan and heat until the sugar liquidises and turns a pale caramel colour.
  2. Add the apples, pears and plums and cook until the fruit is lightly coloured. Remove from heat then add the brambles.
  3. Split the vanilla pod and scrape out the seeds. Add to the fruit with the cinnamon and star anise.
  4. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes or until the fruit is just soft (again, make sure you bake it in an ovenproof dish). Remove from the oven and add the brambles.
  5. Pour the rice pudding into warmed bowls and serve with the winter fruits in the syrup on the side.

2. For the adults

Baked Raspberry and Bramble Trifle with Drambuie

Whisky is another Scottish staple, and a match made in heaven with the fruity, spongey trifle. Although if you want your little ones to have a taste, simply leave it out!

Stir Krazy Kids St Andrew's Day recipe 2
  1. The day before, preheat the oven to 160C (140C fan) and tip the raspberries over the base of a large ovenproof dish. Press down lightly with the back of a spoon to release some of the berry juices. 
  2. Cover the raspberries with the slices of cake, then spoon over the Drambuie and orange juice. Leave to soak for 10 minutes.
  3. Whisk together 600ml of the cream with the eggs, sugar, orange zest and vanilla. Spread the jam over the sponge and slowly pour on the custard mixture.
  4. Sit the dish in a roasting tin with enough hot water to come at least 5cm up the sides. Bake for an hour (may be slightly longer depending on the height of the dish). The custard should be set with a little wobble in it. Leave to cool then cover with cling film and leave overnight in the fridge. 
  5. To serve, whip the remaining cream until it just holds its shape, then spoon it over the custard. Scatter over the raspberries and shortbread, finishing with a dusting of icing sugar. 

3. For your friends

Scottish Tablet

Long lasting and easy to transport, Scottish Tablet is a great option to store in your cupboard or take with you to friends' houses. A traditional, crumbly treat that with just 5 ingredients, is so simple to make. 

Stir Krazy Kids St Andrew's Day recipe 3
  1. In a large, deep pot, place all ingredients except the vanilla. Heat over a medium flame until all melted, stirring frequently. Simmer for a further 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. 
  2. Bring to the boil, add vanilla, then remove from the heat stirring all the time. 
  3. Electric whisk for 5 minutes for the mixture to thicken.
  4. Spread mixture in a flat tray and leave to cool for at least 1 hour. Cut into squares and enjoy!


Love the Stir Krazy Kids team x